Congratulations to Ben

11 Dec 2017

Congratulations to Ben Aubury who recently completed two big steps on the road to representing England at international junior tournaments.

At the British Rapid Play in Leeds in November he scored 6/10 which gave him his second "half norm" to join the National Chess Junior Squad, an organisation which offers developmental opportunities to play chess against juniors from other countries as part of a team.

Soon after his application to join the ECF Academy was accepted. This is a training programme run by the English Chess Federation to prepare promising junior members of the ECF to play at a level suitable to represent England in FIDE-rated international tournaments.

As Ben joins Hugo Rayner from the same age group in these ventures, we wish both Ben and Hugo all the best in their continued hard work towards the chance to represent England in one of the ECF's delegations at FIDE-rated tournaments in the future.

Andrew Varney