Megafinal Results 2017

7 May 2017

29 Apr 2017: Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge - Oxon Megafinal 2017

The 2017 Oxfordshire Megafinal was held at Cokethorpe School, Witney, on Saturday 29 April. The number of entries was down about 10% from the previous year, despite boundary changes (Oxfordshire now includes Botley and Cumnor!) and direct entries being allowed from secondary-school aged children. About 230 children took part and there were 20 adults in the team of volunteer helpers.

The titles were awarded to: 
U18 Supremo - Donald Proko (Cheney); Suprema - Anna Wang (OHS) 
U17 Supremo - N/A; Suprema - Stephi Bourliakas (Bartholomew) 
U16 Supremo - Daniel Varney (D'Overbroecks); Suprema - Aysu Ismayilova (Cowley) 
U15 Supremo - Vijay Keshav (MCS); Suprema - Elizaveta Sheremetyeva (OHS) 
U14 Supremo - Muhammad Ismayilov (Cherwell); Suprema - Imogen Young (Didcot GS) 
U13 Supremo - Ross Tselos (CCCS); Suprema - Eva Wang (OHS) 
U12 Supremo - Hari Selvaraj (SS Mary & John); Suprema - Leonora Ives (SS Helen & Catherine) 
U11 Supremo - Hugo Rayner (William Fletcher); Suprema - Sana Kassey (OHS/Ojays) 
U10 Supremo - David Balbus (MCS); Suprema - Frida Ives (Appleton/Ojays) 
U9 Supremo - Dimitrios Zakarian (Ojays); Suprema - Andrea Antoniadou (Headington) 
U8 Supremo - Royce Zeng (St Josephs); Suprema - Cecilia Kendall (Headington) 
U7 Supremo - Alex Hertog (SS Phil & Jim); Suprema - Rhianne Terrado (St Josephs)

Cross-tables: U7 U8B U8G U9B U9G U10 U11B U11G U12 U13 U14 U15-U18

All of the above and all other players who scored 4 points or more (3.5 points or more for U12 and above) qualify to play in the Southern or Northern Gigafinals in July. See the Delancey UK Chess Challenge site for more details, where you can also find a summary results Excel file from the Oxon Megafinal.

Many thanks to the volunteer helpers including section controllers and those in charge of pairings and results (Jenny Cooke, John Place, Claire Soanes, Tim Dickinson, Alan Kennedy, David Zakarian, Richard Dodd, Marc Ives, Sameer Kassey, Duncan Young, Ara Arutshyan, Ola Murawska and Asif Hameed), those manning information points and sorting out prizes (Charlotte Rayner, Rebecca Sitsapesan, Sue Varney, Tim Onions and Maria Gomez), car park marshals (Gareth Stevens, Ed Read and several of those already listed above) and many other parents and children who helped set up and pack up equipment. Thank you also to Cokethorpe School for provision of an excellent venue and for the catering, Mike Truran for help in securing the venue and presenting the trophies and to those who loaned equipment (Kidlington Congress, MCS, Witney Chess Club, St Josephs Primary School and Oxon Junior Chess). U13 U14 U15-18 U11G U12